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Neem 99

To buy this book contact info@neemfoundation.org Sr. Chapter/Author Pg. 1 Neem and Chinaberry Research during the 20th Century H. Schmutterer 5 2 The Chemistry of Neem Limnoids E. David Murgan ; 16 3 Development of neem for Plant Protection and medicinal uses in Africa R.C. Saxena 26 PEST MANAGEMENT [...]

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The Neem Tree

The Neem Tree Prof. H. Schmutterer  The most comprehensive and best illustrated treatment of the fascinating Indian neem tree (Azadirachta indica) and its unique substances.  The extracts from the tree have an enormously broad range of applications. The main substance azadirachtin, a tetranortriterpenoid, influences the hormonal system of insects, exerting thereby a [...]

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How to Join Greening India with Neem

Greening India with Neem Join the campaign to Save Mother Earth … Join the campaign to Safe Guard Your Future Generations … Join the campaign for healthy environment and healthy life By organizing awareness program in schools, colleges and community. By volunteering in the activity of Neem Plantation, after care and protection. Seeding Neem seed [...]

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Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa Lets all celebrate the marvel called the Neem Tree. The Neem Foundation celebrate Gudi Padwa as “Neem Day” to highlight the healing and revitalizing properties of Neem. It is also be an occasion to know all about the goodness of the Neem and its usage in healing and improving the [...]

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Seminars and Workshops

Over the years, the Foundation has conducted the following seminars, Meets, etc. January 1995- Seminar on Neem: Opportunities in the 21st century January 1996- National Seminar on Neem - New Delhi - along with the Ministry of Environment and Forests Two Business Meets on ‘Neem, Bridging The Innovation Gap’ in cooperation with National Botanical [...]

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National and international visitors visited and trained at NRTDC, Gondkhairy includes participants from representative of various NGOs and extensions officers. Delegates from Nigeria, Cameroon, Austria, Japan, France and many Africans countries visited and participated in training programs. KVIC Chairmans to NRTDC Women-SHG-Visit-to-NRTDC Japanese [...]

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Neem Nursery

Neem is propagated by seed, cuttings and root suckers but seed is the most viable method of propagation. Naturally birds dispersed the neem seed through their droppings. Viability of the neem seed remains for very short period hence it is recommended to use yellow ripe neem fruits to collect viable neem seed. It gives [...]

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