Recommendations WNC 2007

  1. In view of the vast potential for usage of Neem in different discipline namely Environmental Agiculture, Human and Animal health, Rural development, Cosmetics and Health care and in order to have a clear focus on Neem for sustainable development a concerted effort should be made by establishing a Neem technology mission through particularly by Planning Commission government of India.
  2. Usage of Neem products in many cases require statutory clearances or fiscal financial support for e.g. Exemption of excise duty and sales tax for Neem based plant protection products, price support and permission for manufacturing of Neem coated urea. The respective ministries like Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Fertilizers and Ministry of finance should extend full support for the development of Neem industry.
  3. The agricultural extension network of the government of India, State governments and State agricultural universities, should be sensitized and strengthened for promoting Neem usage in organic agriculture.
  4. The planting of Neem should be encouraged on wastelands, common lands, Panchayat lands and barren lands. Additionally Neem plants should get recognition on the lines of other plant crops etc. In order to achieve this aim Neem should form integral species component of the a forestry programme Ministry of Environment and National Highway Development Authority.
  5. Since collection of Neem seeds is barely 15% of the total seeds produced and most of the Neem trees are scattered in rural areas, therefore it is necessary the part of various government employment guarantee schemes. An important tool to achieve this aim would be involvement of Panchayat Raj institutions for creating employment opportunities and upliftment of rural poor, tribals including Dalits and backwards in rural areas.
  6.  Since use of Neem coated urea is reported to reduce emission of green house gas like nitrogen oxide and development of Neem based plant protection products leading to reducing of Carbon dioxide emissions another green house gas. Both these segments offer an excellent opportunity for the mitigation of global warning and therefore the Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation of the Ministry Agriculture & Dept. of Chemical & Fertilizers in the Ministry of Chemical & Fertilizers should review the incentives and policy support for these Neem based technologies.
  7. Since time immemorial Indians have learnt and made use of Neem in a variety of ways both for personal and community health. It is time this heritage is appreciated and in area of promotional and preventive health care our indigenous knowledge and resources like Neem are made use of on an increasing in public health. Therefore respective medical plant boards should include Neem in their mandate.
  8. In view of the fact that Neem originated in India and the country has a board genetic base, which needs recognition and protection. In view of this there is urgency to create awareness of neem’s potential for sustainable development and environment conservation. In order to achieve this goal Parliament should pass a bill declaring Neem (Azadirachta indica) as the ‘The National Tree of India’.
  9.  The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (Doordarshan & All India Radio should be involved) should invest resources and expertise by way of producing Public interest messages, Films & TV serials spreading the message of Neem & educating the masses potential of Neem in human welfare. This can be done effectively through the medium of Doordarshan in all languages of the country.
  10. An international networking organization of experts should be established for global exchange of information on Neem.
  11. Since Neem is a store house of several active compound and there exist a synergy between several compounds for exhibiting useful properties it should be emphasized by Research organization giving a clear direction.  In view of the long term perspective a holistic approach on Neem in its totality should be adopted Vis-a Vis emphasis on single bioactive compounds.
  12. Today Neem needs extensive promotional efforts and techno – commercial back up from the authorities of India; along the lines of the support that is provided by the Ministry of International Trade in Japan.