Recommendations WNC 2012

  1. Keeping in view that Neem has its origin in Indian Subcontinent and also has the biggest germplasm of neem in the country, it is time to protect and conserve the plantation. In view of the huge biodiversity of neem tree, the large plant population and area under cultivation Parliament should pass a bill declaring Neem (Azadirchata indica) tree be declared as the National tree of India by concerned authorities.
  2. In order to popularize the usages of neem products in agriculture, human and animal health and environment, tax holiday in terms of exemption of excise duty and sales tax be extended for neem based products by the respective ministries.
  3. The Plantation of Neem should be encouraged in wasteland, common lands, panchayat lands, barren lands and highways. With the help of ministry of environment and National Highways development authority.45) Despite a large Neem tree population the collection of fruit / seed is very poor, it is of paramount importance to collect the Neem seed as part of various government employment guarantee schemes, and self help groups namely on Amul’s pattern by village societies.
  4. Neem coated urea is reported to reduce emission of green house gases like nitrous oxide which offer an excellent opportunity for the reducing of global warming and therefore the ministry of agriculture and ministry of chemicals and fertilizers should review the incentives and provide policy support for manufacture & sale of superior quality Neem treated urea.
  5. Neem has much to offer in solving agriculture and public health problems in the country, especially in the rural areas. However more Neem trees will have to be planted to meet the increasing demand for industrial use. Especially, in view of the fact that Republic of China which has gone for masive Neem Plantations. We should develop slogan that on every happy occasion, birth of a child, etc. we will plant a Neem tree in our villages/parks in our locality.
  6. Studies like stability of Neem Products formulations, EC and improving their shelf life have to be carried out so that economic utility and farmer’s confidence can be increased.
  7. Compatibility of Neem products with other bio-pesticide and bio-agent Neem to be tested seriously so as to develop synergistic or additive effect.