How to Join Greening India with Neem

/How to Join Greening India with Neem

Greening India with Neem

Join the campaign to Save Mother Earth …

Join the campaign to Safe Guard Your Future Generations …

Join the campaign for healthy environment and healthy life

  • By organizing awareness program in schools, colleges and community.
  • By volunteering in the activity of Neem Plantation, after care and protection.
  • Seeding Neem seed on the waste land / hills during monsoon season.
  • By planting Neem sapling in the field / adopt Neem agro-forestry / road-side country-side.
  • Share your activity with us (photos/write-up).
  • By giving publicity to the campaign.
  • By making available land for Neem Plantation.
  • By donating Neem sapling, Neem seed and tree guards.
  • By developing Neem nurseries.
  • Plant a Neem Tree on various family functions like birthdays, anniversary etc.

Don’t wait… Plant Neem