Mr. Laxmikant M. Padole – Director, NRTDC

/Mr. Laxmikant M. Padole – Director, NRTDC
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Mr. Laxmikant M. Padole – Director, NRTDC- Gondkhairy, Nagpur

Laxmikant Padole, Director NRTDC

Laxmikant Padole,

As Director & head of operations of Neem Foundation Research and Technology Development Centre, Mr. Laxmikant Padole has developed & implemented several innovative ideas in the development of neem processing machineries, neem products and awareness among the farming community from the year 2000.

He and his team have worked hard to bring hope to the Indian farmer struggling with various farming problems, by providing effective, low cost and eco-friendly pest management using Neem.

He strongly supports the establishment of small scale units at village level to make farmers self sufficient in pest and nutrient management using valuable natural resource of neem and thus reducing their farming cost. He along with his team improvised & developed appropriate Neem processing machineries for small scale village Neem processing units.

As a park co-ordinator of Neem project phase-I and II, supported by Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt. Of India and UNDP, he demonstrated neem kernel aqueous extract technology for pest management of various crops on more than 4000 farms. He has provided guidance to a large number of SHGs, NGOs, both National & International – extension officers and farmers.

As the Project Co-ordinator he as a member of the delegation that visited and exchanged information with the National Programs of Neem in P.R.China, Mynmar and Thailand, during the course of implementing ‘Development & Production of Neem Products as environmentally friendly Pesticides’.

He has wide experience in various environmental issues and its management using eco-friendly technologies. He is a strong proponent of organic farming and has firsthand experience of crop production over decade using neem and other organic inputs like FYM, compost etc..

He is currently leading the team monitoring and implementing PGS-India Organic Certification program of Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India at NRTDC Gondkhairy in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Mr. Padole currently lives in Nagpur, India.