Mrs. Pramila Thakkar – Managing Trustee

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Mrs. Pramila Thakkar – Managing Trustee

Ms. Thakkar is a conservationist and a Neem veteran. Her journey with Neem began early, having spent many a childhood summer under the vast canopy of an ancient Neem tree in her family home in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

 She is one of the Founding Trustees of the Neem Foundation.Right at the outset, she was entrusted with the task of giving shape to the nascent entity named Neem Foundation. Her work with the Neem Foundation has facilitated a renaissance for the Neem tree.

 She has helmed Neem conferences and seminars since 1995 including three World Neem Conferences as Secretary General.

 She has actively advised the governments of India, China, Senegal and Nigeria on developing Neem as a resource for their people. She has authored academic papers on taking the Neem initiative to a wider audience

 She recently oversaw a pioneering UNDP, UNIDO and Government of India program in impoverished Vidarbha in central India, teaching thousands of farmers over six years to produce their own ecologically friendly pesticides from Neem. This work is especially significant as Vidarbha is the epicenter of India’s tragic farmer-suicides.

 Regarded as champion for planting Neem she has provided guidance, land & infrastructure to the team at the Neem Foundation Research & Technology Development Centre to create appropriate technology which is farmer friendly & also to innovate & create quality Neem products.

 Several recommendations made by her of behalf of the Neem Foundation have been accepted by the authorities, Coating Urea with Neem being the most recent development, which could reduce the Govt. Of India’s subsidy bill by Rs. 6,500/ crores annually.

 Ms. Thakkar currently lives in Mumbai, India.