Dr. B. N. Vyas – Vice Chairman – Neem Foundation

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Dr. B. N. Vyas – Vice Chairman – Neem Foundation

Given his long & active association with the Neem industry, Dr. B.N. Vyas was requested take over as Vice – Chairman of Neem Foundation in the year 2007 & has since guided the programmes undertaken by the Foundation.

As the General Programme Secretary of the World Neem Conference in 2002, held at Mumbai, India, Dr. B.N. Vyas played an active role in shaping the Conference. He was called upon to Chair the Technical Programme Committee of the World Neem Conference 2007 hosted in Coimbatore & again in WNC 2012 held in Nagpur.

M. Sc. Agriculture with Honours (Specialisation in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry) in 1973, Doctorate (Ph. D.) in Chemistry in 1980.

From 1975 – 1987 he worked as Scientist and Senior Scientist at Biology and Agriculture Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Government of India. He also worked on Behavior of Radioisotopes in soils and soil – plant systems.

In 1987 joined industry. Godrej Group. In – charge for the development of agricultural input products for the company. Since 1987 he developed several new and unique products, namely, Neem based fertiliser efficiency enhancers, Neem based plant protection agents, as Vice President, Research and Technical Development, at Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

Being one of the pioneers of the concept of Coating Urea with Neem,his crusade continued for years at the concerned Ministries & authorities.

Dr. Vyas holds 20 patents on various products, including Neem based plant protection products, Neem based fertilizer efficiency enhancer, plant growth regulators, Chemical and Microbial Herbicides and natural product wound healing agents, in India, USA, Japan, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brazil.

Dr. Vyas currently lives in Udaipur, India.