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Genesis of World Neem Conference

The Neem Tree – Azadirachta indica with its versatile use-profile is increasingly being recognised as the most valuable tree on Earth. During the First International Neem Conference 1980, held at ROTTACH-EGERN, Germany, it was noted that many scientists all over the world have studied Neem components, but these efforts have been both isolated and sporadic. It was suggested that measures should be taken on a national, regional and international basis to co-ordinate and promote results in a practical context.

The Second International Neem Conference was held in 1983 at Rauischholzhausen, in Germany. Three years later, the Third International Neem Conference was held in Nairobi.

Subsequently, the 1st World Neem Conference was held in Bangalore, India in February 1993. It was the largest gathering so far on the subject. More than 400 delegates from 30 countries participated. It was a showcase of tremendous worldwide efforts related to the various aspects and possibilities of Neem. The flow of information and exchange of ideas about the research and studies of dedicated people throughout the world was phenomenal.

The 2nd World Neem Conference was held at Gatton College near Brisbane, Australia in February 1996. Over a 100 delegates from 20 countries participated. Among the recommendations made by the General Body was recognition of the Neem Foundation as the apex body of all neem movements worldwide. The neem Foundation was also mandated to host all future World Neem Conferences, in collaboration with Research organization, Academic Institutions & all other stake holders, in different parts of the world.

The 3rd World Neem Conference was held in May 1999, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada under the aegis of the Neem Foundation. There were about 120 delegates from 24 countries. 58 papers and 23 posters were presented. An analysis of the paper and poster presentation in Vancouver reveals interesting and encouraging facts about the inspiration that the Neem Tree provides. This phenomenon cuts across borders and promotes international co-operation.

During the course of the Conference, the delegates widely appreciated the genesis and outcome of the Conference and it was unanimously decided to hold the next World Neem Conference in India in 2002.This suggestion was accepted and Neem Foundation, being the apex body for all Neem movements globally, took the lead in organizing the 4th World Neem Conference in Mumbai. Prestigious national and international Scientific Bodies, Academies, Research Organisations, Funding Agencies, Industry and Government Departments were being invited to co-sponsor this prestigious International Conference and provide support and financial assistance.

The 5th World Neem Conference dedicated entirely to the Neem Tree was hosted by the Neem Foundation in the city of Coimbatore in south India. The buzzing World Event provided a definitive platform for the scientific community working in the field of Neem to present the scientific studies, articulate their views and assimilate international Neem experiences. It also provided an occasion to organic growers, Neem businesses and representatives of various Institutions and NGOs to discuss the different aspects of Neem’s development leading to a rich tapestry of information and knowledge. Close to 300 delegates interested in different fields of Neem participated in this Conference from 34 countries across the globe, including 17 farmers from Egypt. Technical Sessions of the Conference comprised of eleven themes.

6th World Neem Conference was held in Nagpur (central India) in Nov. 2012. The scientists and participants working on neem from India and abroad presented their research articles on the various topics like medicine, health, agriculture, bio-technology, environment and animal health. A visit to Neem Research and Technology Development Centre established by Neem Foundation in the village Gonhkhairy near Nagpur was organised to show case various neem processing technologies.