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The story so far ……

It all started in 2005 which was when the need was felt for a concerted effort was required hence ‘Greening India with Neem’ campaign was initiated. It set a target of 10 Crores Neem trees to be planted all across the Indian landscape. Ms. Jaya Bachchan led this effort & her 6 video clippings with the message was greatly appreciated & telecast on several channels. It can still be viewed on the Neem Foundation website, as the message is still relevant & she continues to inspire.

Neeming India is the second phase of the Foundation’s ‘Greening India with Neem’.

In May 2015, development that is an equivalent to crossing a milestone in its journey in establishing Neem on a big scale.

The government of India has made it mandatory for fertilizer Firms to produce 100 per cent neem coated urea which will help farmers boost income and reducing subsidy bill up to 6,500 crore.

Keeping in mind the enormity of the requirement to coat approx. 30 million tons of urea, That is why effort is called for to plant Neem along highways & broad roads as well as degraded lands. Also urban plantation to be encouraged of air purifying to fight pollution.

The concentration of CO2 in the air has triggered climate change. Neem not only on its ability to reverse pollution, but also play an important role in protecting and sustaining the environments as they can help us lead a life that walks lightly on mother earth.

The most effective action that an individual or a Greening Organization can take is to plant more neem trees. As this would lead to a healing chain reaction superior to any other ! Trees absorb carbon dioxide and help maintain the delicate balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Neem trees act as very efficient, natural air filters trapping dust particles, absorbing gaseous pollutants. The planting of Neem trees helps reduce green house gases through photosynthesis absorbing large quantities of CO2 and producing oxygen. Besides neem has remarkable ability to withstand air and water pollution, as well as heat. Neem also restores and maintains soil fertility.

For a long time neem was dismissed as….. how could a single tree do so many things…..?

It was with the coming of the Foundation on the scene from 1993 that the scattered efforts was channelized …..the spotlight was beginning to focused on this grand old tree –  from a neglected resource it was coming to be known as a tree for solving global problems !!

Adding value to Neem : Neem has lived up to every promise as they have been validated by modern science.

A Giant foot print in the farmland in the India – India can never have enough NCU as farms thirst for more- be it in Neem coated Urea or de-oiled  Neem cake – to make the soil fertile once more.

Neem Foundation’s Constant Advocacy has brought about many changes in the National agenda & Government Programs.

Govt. of India has permitted fertilizer firms to produce 100 per cent Neem Coated Urea which will help farmers boost income & reduce Subsidy bill up to Rs. 6500 Crore.

Held three world Neem Conferences that helped Neem get world wide acceptance.

Consistent research & studies helped prove that Neem is a potential source for natural, biodegradable and safe pesticides par excellence.

It also investigated Neem trees chemical profiles, pesticidal and medicinal properties, its potential as a slow release fertilizer and several other useful traits including air purifier.

Keeping this in mind the Foundation approached the Govt. in Delhi with a request that while according environmental / Forest clearance is a green stipulation/condition should be made that ‘Azadirachta indica should be planted as one of the species in the afforestation / Green belt development programme’.

Also after interaction the Ministry of environment & forests convened a two day zonal conference following which it was decided to incorporate Neem in Forestry and Social Forestry Programs on a National Scale.



Neem Foundation is a small Organization with limited means that hopes to make a positive difference. It is a non-profit voluntary, independent Organization that is totally apolitical. We have no political affiliations. We need funds, facilities and support in terms of

  • resources for promotion
  • a larger infrastructure
  • additional personnel
  • transport facilities
  • nursery sites
  • & tree banks


We need to increase our core funding in order to sustain our efforts. All contributions big or small would be acknowledged and appreciated.


Neem trees can be planted in:

  1. Housing Societies – to repel mosquitoes and to enhance the availability of oxygen
  2. Road sides c. to provide cooling shade and to reduce CO2, SO2 levels
  3. Parks – to provide a CO2 sink, to purify the air and provide refuge for birds
  4. Highways – to absorb the pollutants and provide shade
  5. Around farm lands – to act as wind breaks – to bind soil against erosion and to provide natural home grown pest control material.

They can be planted practically on any location that receives plenty of sunlight and does not get water logged during rains.